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Considering Selling Your House? Here’s How You Do It.

May 18, 2017

Search real estate for sale online and you’ll get plenty of results.  My experience was more than half of the first page was occupied by ads, what was left of the screen was a repeat of the ads along with a couple of regional market players.

With such a competitive keyword how do you get your property to stand out?

Here are a few pointers.

Pick a Partner

Do a little research.  When you search for real estate or property for sale in your area, who comes up on the first page?  As a homeowner, you don’t have to do this alone.  You can piggy back off the efforts and advertising dollars of others by listing your property on their site.  Many of the first listings are paid advertisements.  You know this by the word “Ad” listed to the left of the result.  If possible, list with as many of these sites as you can.  Many are free and you never know which site your potential buyer is going to use.  


Once you’ve settled on where your property is going to be listed, there are a few things to think about. 

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This is especially true when selling a home.  Potential buyers want to see as much as possible from the convenience of their laptop or phone.

A Video is Worth a Thousand Images

Even better than just pictures are video tours.  Yes, photos are great, but sometimes it’s hard to convey flow or layout with even the most professional photos.  Video ours pull it all together. 

Not Just a House

Don’t forget the outside!  Showing the inside of a house is essential, but don’t forget the outside.  Potential buyers like to see curb appeal, play area potential for the kids or pets, general privacy of the yard, and any amenity that you might advertise like a pool or fire pit.  Be sure to include all of these in your listing as well so searches can filter and pull your listing when buyers are looking specifically for these amenities.

Location, location, location, location. 

Another old adage that still rings true in real estate.  Remind potential buyers they aren’t just buying a house, but a whole property that’s located in a great neighborhood.  Be sure to include school district, local attractions such as parks, and

Be Sure to Share

Many listing sites have a share feature that allows you to share your listing on a variety of social media platforms.  Be sure to share and encourage your friends to share as well.  Social media is powerful and I know a few friends who sold or found their house through social media. 


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, the good news is there is help.  If you choose a good realtor, they will do this for you or refer you to a service that can.  In most cases, the investment is worth it.